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While the data suggests that we need the company of other people to be optimally healthy, what we really need are healthy, genuine relationships that allow us to be who we really are, without judgment or criticism. Social contact is simply not enough. If you surround yourself with people who make you feel like it's not safe to be vulnerable, your body will have a stress response.


Some have a greater need for human connection, while others find that what our minds and bodies need to induce physiological relaxation are hours of solitary meditation. Ultimately, you must tap into the healing wisdom of your own intuition to determine what will nourish you, your mind, and your body. (Rankin 2013)


Have you heard of oxytocin?

Your brain makes this amazing juice and it is available to you for free. They also call it the 'love drug' or the 'hug drug'. You make it in your brain, it enters your blood, calms you down, relieves you, makes you happier, less anxious, less grumpy, calms a restless intestine, makes blisters heal faster and can also relieve pain. There are several ways you can treat your bodycan challenge to produce more oxytocin; for example, having a baby and breastfeeding, giving a hug to someone you love, dancing or singing together, putting a photo of your loved one and/or your children on your desk. There's nothing wrong with a great movie either.

If you can train your dog to look into your eyes, oxytocin increases. Look back and your dog is also getting oxytocin.
A good dose of oxytocin has analgesic properties. There are scientific studies that suggest that increased oxytocin levels can reduce pain by improving your mood, lowering your stress levels,  increase your calmness and lower your cortisol levels. (Moseley 2017)

Practical tips and links:

  • Massage or get a massage. Not only pleasant, but also good for sleep and the immune system!

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