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"Attention is the most basic form of love"

Mindfulness is focusing your attention on your experiences in a calm way, with an open attitude, without judgment. You can focus on signals that come from outside and perceive through your senses, such as smell, color, taste, pressure, stretch and temperature. There are also signals coming from deep within your body: your heartbeat, your breathing movements, sensations of hunger, tension and sensations that you probably can't name at all. You can observe them when you are completely still, but they are also interesting when you move quietly 'mindfully'. Curiosity without linking a value judgment to what you experience. What do you feel, what changes if you do it longer or more often? If you close your eyes and move quietly you can become aware that you are largely fluid inside, everything moves smoothly and fluidly. Calm dance movements, Tai Chi there are many different options.

You can do special exercises for it (see below). Multi-day training courses are also offered.  But you can also train mindfulness very well in everyday life: consciously thinking about and paying attention to loading the dishwasher, brushing your teeth, experiencing the warm water that flows over your body while showering, consciously taking a bite of your sandwich and tasting what you are eating.

You can also mindfully study your thoughts and emotions.

Scientific research shows that Mindfulness training helps reduce stress, increases concentration and resilience and has a positive effect on various physical or psychological complaints 


Image of Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Practical tips and links:

You can find examples on YouTube or in your app store.

  • Rozijn- oefening, heel leuke oefening om kennis te maken met Mindfulness (en een keer te doen): [klik hier]

  • Loopmeditatie: [klik hier]

  • Metta- meditatie (Boeddhistisch; beoefening van Liefdevolle vriendelijkheid naar je zelf en anderen): [klik hier]

  • Mindfullness meditatie bij autisme (geschikt voor iedereen): [klik hier]

  • Centering prayer (Engels): [klik hier]

  • Soefi- traditie: tocht door de woestijn: [klik hier]

  • Soefi- traditie: geleide Latifa meditatie: [klik hier]

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