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'Resilience is a person's ability to deal meaningfully with surprises, changes and unexpected setbacks.'

Logically, a lot of attention is paid to illness within healthcare. However, on this website we want to focus on health. We want to show you how to build physical and mental resilience, so that you can deal flexibly with an ever-changing situation around you.

Promote resilience

In the image below you see many ways in which you can increase resilience. Just choose something. Click on the buttons for more information, practical tips and exercises. Big changes start small.

Why is resilience so important?

There is no life without physical and emotional challenges. We all have to endure a lot from time to time. As long as we can bounce back from it, it doesn't do any harm and can even make life interesting. Not relaxation but resilience seems to be the ultimate answer to life's stressors. Relaxation is good and nice to recover from a heavy load. But relaxation can also quickly become somewhat passive. With resilience we are dynamic in life and we can pursue our goals.

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