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'Count your blessings' is wise advice that has been scientifically proven. If at the end of the week, or better yet at the end of each day, the patient wrote down five incidents for which he was grateful, this had a remarkably positive effect on well-being after a few weeks. The subjects subsequently reported a more positive and optimistic outlook on life, spent more time on sports and reported less physical discomfort. People experienced more positive emotions and more often indicated that they had helped someone. (van Burken 2004)

Gratitude is the attitude

Results of living more with gratitude: 

  • More social, helping other people more easily (charity itself makes you happy) 

  • More positive mood 

  • Feel more connected 

  • More optimistic 

  • Sleep longer and deeper 

  • achieve personal goals more easily

Practical tips and links:

  • At the end of the day, write down three things you were grateful for that day. Research showed that this exercise alone sometimes led to a 40% increase in feelings of happiness. And research by Martin Seligman showed that 94% of people with depression clearly started to feel better.

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