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Game and fun

Humor and laughter evoked by, for example, watching a comedy film can reduce the experience of pain.

Favorable coping styles are also associated with humor; people with a good sense of humor have a more active and problem-solving coping style. Those without a sense of humor are passive and more avoidant. In addition, humor and laughter appear to strengthen the immune system and reduce the presence of various stress hormones. Humor therefore has many psychological positive aspects. However, it has not yet been proven whether it actually benefits physical health. (van Burken 2004)

Game and fun

And playfulness and fun just makes everything more fun, while also brightening the body with health-promoting hormones like endorphins, dopamine, nitric oxide and oxytocin. So make sure you throw in a good dose of laughter, sensual pleasures, playfulness and fun.

Practical tips and links:

  • Make conscious choices in what you read, what you watch and who you interact with. Is there enough lightness in the things you take in? Whatever you experience as enjoyable brings peace and recovery.

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