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To enjoy

Our brain is organized in such a way that it gives priority to things that are potentially dangerous. Although this is a useful starting point, it can also cause us to focus too much on the less pleasant things. On a busy day, endless thoughts of 'oh I'm so busy, oh I have to do such and such' can circulate through your head. You can also focus on all those mini moments that exist where there is some peace and quiet. Enjoy the smell and taste of a cup of coffee or tea, breathe calmly and be aware of what it does to you, enjoy a beautiful flower or a beautiful sky, a nice comment for a colleague, etc. This ensures that your whole Reset the system again, find the balance again. This is resilience. Throughout the day, even on busy days, there are moments when you can positively influence your health. 

To enjoy

If a pharmaceutical company had a patent on enjoyment, there would be TV commercials about enjoyment every evening. Pleasant experiences, such as petting your cat, drinking water when you are thirsty, smiling at a friend, reduce stress hormones, strengthen the immune system and help you calm down when you are frustrated or worried. (Hanson 2018)

Pleasant music activates certain parts of the brain, which process positive effects. In further studies, they suggest that music that is found pleasurable stimulates the body's reward system, releasing dopamine and endogenous opioids. At the same time, brain structures that process fear and negative emotions are deactivated.

Practical tips and links:

  • Sing! Make music! Listen to your favorite music with full attention.

  • For example at the end of the day, mention what you enjoyed that day. What you pay attention to grows.

  • You can enjoy what you do, what you experience. You can also enjoy planning something you still want to do. You can evoke those thoughts of anticipation at any time. Thinking back on beautiful memories can have the same effect.

  • Touch (massage, cuddling) activates the 'happiness hormone' oxytocin

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