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Mindful eating

'It's not just about what you eat, but also about how you eat!'

10 tips for eating Mindfully (with attention).


  • Bring your attention to the now

A clear beginning before eating in the form of a ritual helps you to be in the here and now. For example, consciously follow your breathing and take a moment to express gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the food. A moment for silence or prayer.

  • Eat in a fixed place

If you always eat something tasty while watching TV, for example, you will eventually get hungry as soon as you pick up the remote control. Prefer to eat at the table and do not link your eating moments to other activities.

  • Eat sitting in a quiet place

Literally sit down for a moment, for example in a quiet environment. This means not eating while cycling, driving or at work.

  • Eat without distractions 

Give yourself the opportunity to focus on your meal and enjoy it, without TV, newspaper or smartphone. For example, move heated discussions with family members at the table to someone else


  • Take modest portions

Choose a small portion. This will help you avoid eating too much. Scoop once. Using a smaller board already makes a 20% difference.

  • Eat with pleasure

Involve all your senses when eating. Your tongue in particular is the key to eating with pleasure. Put the first bite in your mouth and then wait a moment before you start chewing. Observe the flavor as if you were tasting the food for the first time. Also be aware of your other senses. What do you smell? What do you see? Is it eye-catching?

  • Take small bites and chew well

Small bites and chewing thoroughly will help you taste the food better. You also feel full sooner. Chew each bite until the food is liquid. That is good for your digestion and more flavor is released. While eating (the process of tasting, chewing and swallowing), try to keep your attention on the tongue.

  • Eat slowly

People who eat too much often eat too quickly. Eating slowly and taking breaks helps you eat consciously. You feel when you are pleasantly satisfied. This way you can stop before you have eaten too much. Tip: put your cutlery down every two bites. This way you also enjoy what you eat more.

  • Don't skip meals

When you skip meals, your hunger increases and it is more difficult to make conscious choices. This allows you to 'snack' and eat what is readily available. This makes you eat more and less consciously. So preferably always eat around the same time. This way your body gets into a balanced rhythm.

  • Ask yourself: why do I want to eat?

Wait a moment before you want to eat and ask yourself: am I really hungry (stomach rumbling), or am I falsely hungry (due to boredom, stress, emotions), so you need to 'fill' your feelings, eat away?

Mindful eating

Practical tips and links:

You can start with the above 10 tips. If you really want to learn the art of mindful eating, you go one step further. You will then observe thoughts and feelings that are associated with your diet. All attention is focused on the sensory and emotional experience of food and drink. The aim is that you have less need for (wrong) food, enjoy the diet that suits you more and also that you can better control emotional eating (or binge eating).

From the book Mindful weight loss by Joanna Kortink, for more

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