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Your body has two nervous systems, namely:

  1. The voluntary nervous system that is under the influence of our will.

       This allows you, for example, to control your muscles and therefore move.

   2. The autonomic nervous system that is not under the influence of our will

       state. We can only influence this indirectly.

The autonomic nervous system (autonomous = independent, involuntary) automatically regulates almost all unconscious functions and processes in your body, such as your breathing, your heart rate, your blood pressure, digestion and metabolism. You don't have to think about those kinds of functions.

The autonomic nervous system also consists of two parts.

  1. A part that allows the body to be active (the 'accelerator')

  2. A part that ensures that the body subsequently recovers from the effort (the 'brake pedal').

In a healthy body, these two systems alternate regularly. Only action/stress leads to overload, only relaxation weakens the body and mind. The two keep each other in balance and the variety ensures health and resilience of body and mind. You can actually say: the more variety, the better. Compare this with a sauna: a strong alternation of cold and hot ensures good resistance. Or athletes: vigorous physical exertion combined with good sleep ensures good performance and overall fitness. 

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