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Tai Chi

Pleasure in movement. Relaxation through effort.
Tai Chi is based on the interaction of Yin and Yang and is also called meditation in movement.
It consists of a series of calm, flowing movements to keep body and mind flexible.

Practical tips and links:

There are a few tips that can make performing the exercise easier:

  • You can always adjust the movements during this video to your own ability. If you can't raise your arm high, make the movement smaller.

  • The movements are always round and soft, so that the energy can flow more easily.

  • In the photos you can see the different positions you use during the movement.

  • Feel free to put on some soothing music, for example Zenotes by Nadama &  Shastro.

  • Tai Chi courses are given in many places in the Netherlands

  • Of course, you can also move freely in 'Tai Chi style'. Once you get the feeling, you can perform many of your daily activities with that feeling of flexibility and ease.

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