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For decades, the quantity and quality of nutrients in our diet has been decreasing due to one-sided agriculture and horticulture and through one-sided and non-natural fertilizer methods. It is not about eating an apple, a tomato, meat or fish, but about the nutritional building blocks they contain for the cell, substances that our cell needs: proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids and carbohydrates. These substances used to be found in sufficient quantities in vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts, seeds and legumes. But research shows that our food has contained fewer and fewer such nutritional building blocks over the past fifty years.

Where should our body and therefore our cells get those nutrients from? It is often said that supplements are not necessary, because there are sufficient substances in the diet. These advices cannot be reconciled with the data from scientific research, which shows that our diet contains too few minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The result? Our cells become malnourished and can no longer perform properly. We eat our fill, but our food contains too few nutritional building blocks. (Reidstra 2015)

Supplements that may be a good addition, always consult with a doctor or nutritionist:

  • magnesium: relaxation, sleep promotion, acidification, inflammation inhibition, restless legs syndrome, cramps.

  • calcium: for cramps, high blood pressure

  • potassium: for nausea, cramps, high heart rate  (too much potassium can cause stomach problems)

  • omega 3: anti-inflammatory

  • vitamin B (complex): support nervous system

  • vitamin C: strengthening immune system, building collagen

Practical tips and links:

There are many brands of supplementation and therefore differences in absorption, dosage and effectiveness. The main differences are mainly whether the absorbability & activity of the vitamins and minerals are good without unnecessary additives such as coloring agents. Below is a table that provides an overview of what you want a supplement to meet.

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