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Research shows that people who have experienced many traumatic events in their lives are more likely to volunteer and donate money after a natural disaster. 

When people living with chronic pain become active as experts, it relieves their pain, disability and sadness and strengthens their sense of purpose. 

The volunteer work consisted of helping primary school students with homework, sports, art, science or cooking. After ten weeks, those who volunteered showed an improvement in their cardiovascular health, including lower cholesterol and less inflammatory activity. The control group showed no changes. (McGonigal 2015)

Other studies also show that people who are committed to helping others experience more happiness and live longer.

Compassion is a warm sensitivity to suffering - from subtle mental or physical discomfort to terrible pain - coupled with the desire to help wherever possible. Giving compassion reduces stress and calms the body. Receiving compassion gives you strength, allowing you to breathe better, become grounded and move forward.


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Practical tips and links:

  • See if you have room to do something like volunteer work or help someone close to you with something

  • And the environment can always use some support: use 'green' products (toothpaste, detergent, toilet paper, etc.), plant as many plants as possible, eat organically, be economical with everything, use as many second-hand items as possible, etc.

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