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Low back and hips


The basis of good dynamic stability is the ability to relax properly, you can rely on the strength of your fascia. This is a great exercise to learn to release unnecessary muscle tension.

Low back fascia

Here is an exercise with two large rubber balls (alpha balls) for treating pain points in the lower back.

Squat sequence

For a well-functioning back, strong glutes are more important than strong abdominal muscles. Squats and lunges are good ways to train these muscles. See also theclubbell exercises.

Free hips - happy back

To prevent excessive tension on the back, it is important that the hips are flexible. Here are three exercises to keep your hips nice and mobile

An exercise to increase the resilience and resilience of your low back. Just relax without thinking, you don't have to 'protect' your back, it's strong enough.

Practical tips and links:

Natural recovery
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