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The whole body

Mini yoga

Download this exercisehere in PDF if you want to print it 

Yoga is a good way to keep your body flexible. But not everyone manages to make time for this. That's why we came up with a mini yoga exercise. This exercise only takes a few minutes and gives a lot of space and energy. An additional advantage is that light stretching of tissues has an anti-inflammatory effect. Do this exercise at a leisurely pace. You can repeat each movement several times.


Guided Movement Exercise: smooovement

Although you can't see it from the outside: we are mainly fluid on the inside. You can't see it but you can feel it. With this exercise you will feel how everything can flow again and you can rediscover fluid movement. You can start with small, almost invisible, micro movements and build up to large wave-like movements. You can vary from super slow to fast and rhythmic. you can imitate movements of animals (fish, bird, snake, octopus etc). 

shake it

shake it

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Shake it: Shake your whole body in different positions and directions, try to throw it completely loose. Ultimately, what matters is that everything flows well in the body, waste products are removed and fresh building and energy products are supplied. 

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Micromovements:A subtle exercise in which you increase your body awareness through minimal movements and can increase the flow of every part of your body

Attention exercise for pain: 

If you feel pain, pay full attention to the pain and try to perceive what you are experiencing as objectively as possible. Realize that experiencing pain does not mean that something is broken. Accept what you experience. So consider what you feel and how you feel when you pay attention to the pain. Then bring your attention to a part of your body where you feel no pain. That can be a bit difficult at first. You can make it easier, for example, by moving your foot to feel it better, or by running your hand over that part of the body. Focus on what you feel then and also how you feel now. Has anything changed? You can train yourself to increasingly shift your attention from the point where you experience pain to a part of your body that feels good. A child is in the classroom, which is annoying and requires a lot of attention. The teacher's attention will also easily go to that child. But that's not entirely fair, the quiet children also deserve attention. Give positive attention to your body so that it does not ask for attention in an annoying way.

Muscle pump

This is an exercise that stimulates lymph flow and simultaneously strengthens the muscles. It is an easy exercise that you can perform anywhere and in any position.

Visualization exercise:

Watch videos of dancers from different parts of the world, practitioners of Kung Fu or Tai Chi. Let the images affect you. Try to feel what it would be like to move like that yourself. Try to absorb the fluidity, the beauty, the ease of those movements. This can help you get out of your own movement patterns and discover new forms of exercise.

Practical tips and links:

  • Put on your favorite music at home and dance for at least 5 minutes every day, just according to your own feeling. The rhythmic movement provides an extra pumping effect in the body. Extra: smile. 

  • Getting your body moving more often for short periods of time is healthier than a vigorous workout once a week.

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