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Dehydration symptoms

Determination of fluid balance

There is not yet an exact measuring method to determine whether you have a water shortage. The following 4 measurements give a reasonably reliable impression:

  1. Urine color (see picture below)

  2. Lift skin on top of hand: skin fold should not remain standing like a tent

  3. Press a nail for 5 seconds: should be done in 3 seconds. be red again

  4. Body composition measurement: an analysis of your body composition

Possible symptoms of a water shortage are:

  • increased thirst

  • constipation

  • think less clearly

  • fatigue in the afternoon

  • daytime sleepiness

  • dizziness

  • muscle stiffness/pain

  • headache

  • reduced immune system function

  • dry skin/mouth/lips

  • bad breath

  • urinary tract inflammation


Urine color

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