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Legs and feet

Barefoot hopping


Feet are the foundation for the entire body. They should be strong and resilient, the body's ultimate shock absorbers. Unfortunately, shoes do not give them much room to stay fit, especially if there are arch supports. Feet must be able to move, bounce, store and release energy. Therefore, a few exercises to make them flexible, treat pain points and reactivate them.

Happy Feet - Happy Body

Squat on toes unstable

Foot fascia

Practical tips and links:

  • Walk barefoot as much and often as possible. Wear shoes with a thin and flexible sole. If you are no longer used to this, take the time to let the feet get used to their natural function again. If you need to use arch supports, spend extra time training your feet.

Pain is always caused by a combination of the changes in the tissue and the sensitivity of the nervous system. You can bring peace to the nervous system in many ways:

Natural recovery
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