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Pelvic bounce

Jumping is a very good exercise to improve stability and resilience of the body. But this can be scary after pregnancy and childbirth, especially if there is pain or fear of urine leakage. But you can build it up slowly. First start with very gentle 'bouncing', for example 3 times in a row, 2 times a day. And build up from there, a little more often in succession, a little higher until eventually small hops with the feet off the ground and finally jumping (rope). If there is a risk of urine loss, it may be advisable to do the exercise in the shower. It is important to do bouncing with a relaxed pelvic floor and not to squeeze. It is precisely in relaxation that the brain can find its way back to normal control of the sphincter.

Nowadays the gluteal muscles are often mainly used as 'seat cushions'. They are supposed to be the strongest muscles in the body. With the above exercises you can make them very strong again. They change that from fat collectors to fat burners. It is also important that they are switched on while walking. This happens when you walk with your back extended and at a brisk pace (seefascial walking). They are hardly activated when walking with a bent-over posture on a treadmill.

Practical tips and links:

  • Always walk with a firm step while lengthening yourself 1 cm, this activates the glutes

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