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Chest and thoracic spine

This area is central to the body and therefore extremely important for optimal function of the neck and shoulder girdle and also for optimal breathing:

and it can also be even more intensive

Chest treatment

Treatment of pain points around the sternum

Foam roller strong relax

Relaxation for the chest area, effective if you have been sitting in a more collapsed position for a longer period of time.

Foam roller active relax

An active, more intense exercise for mobilizing the chest and thoracic spine.

Desk stretch

A simple, nice exercise to do when you are sitting at your desk.

Creep sway

Discover and vary, feel how mobility increases.

Mobility of the thoracic spine



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Two more exercises to improve mobility. Better mobility of the thoracic spine and chest makes breathing easier and creates more space for the lower back, shoulders and neck.

Practical tips and links:

  • There are various foam rollers on the market. The only one that is soft enough for this type of exercises is the Pilatus roller soft (blue with wave pattern)

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